March 29, 2012

What is in the air?

Maybe it is the warmer 
springtime weather or the hot steamy book 
I am reading
(Fifty Shades of Grey)
more to come on that later...
But I have most certainly been in the mood.

Express your love with Vroom! Sex toys from EdenFantasys. Shop now!

Thankfully if I need to spruce up my love life I have 
EdenFantasys who just so happens 
to be having a spring break sale.
You can save 25% on water proof toys. 

If that is not your thing EdenFantasys has plenty
of super sexy lingerie and they even sell make-up.

Did yoy know that you can even be green in the bedroom?
Check out these green sex toys.
Can you imagine getting your kicks and being mindful of the
environment at the same time?
Perfect match right?!

I am loving this right now...
Polka dot Babe
might as well carry my new found love of polka dots into
all my clothes.
Super cute right?
And like I said polka dots are all the rage right now.
Plus, it's really sexy!

If you hurry you can use coupon code:
SEXYU25 for 25% off
good until March 30th.

*I wrote this post in exchange for a gift card from the company.

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