April 10, 2012

Getting Into Shape

                                                                             Source: Uploaded by user via Kristen on Pinterest

Working out is hard work.
Sore muscles and lots of gross sweat.
Totally worth it though.
Back before I had these wonderful 4 kiddos
I loved to work out. 
I ran even.

Now, that I have 4 kiddos worth of baby fat
in my stomach to loose
working out is hard.

I started back a regular workout routine
about a month ago and I think I am finally
getting used to the idea of 
after dropping kids off at school
I HAVE to work out.
It helps when I drop them off in my 
workout clothes.
Although by the time I am about 20 crunches in
I have stripped off my shirt and am only in
my sports bra and pants.
And well, my new Nike Free Runs
that I scored for a small price of $38. 

To keep myself motivated and hopefully get some 
reader encouragement I am posting a picture I
took a few weeks ago. 
In a few months I hope to look better and then I'll post
a new updated picture. 
I am NOT looking to loose weight just so we are all clear.
Just tone up my problem areas.

So faithful readers do me a favor and every now and then
ask me how sore I am?!?


  1. So I only have 2 kids and I still have more baby fat then you do, but good luck. I do am going to be working my butt off to finally get rid of the extra weight.

  2. Ditto to the only having 2 kids and having more baby fat. Seriously, you are looking great!

  3. You are awesome Kristen! You can do it!