April 2, 2012

I can run! Yes, I can. I hope!

When I was younger I ran
all the time.
I ran to the store when my parents needed milk
and I really mean I ran.
 All throughout school I ran.
I can remember my brother and I having terrible 
sunburns from our tack meets in the
 Texas sun. 
I started off my running career as a 
short distance runner but one
day made the mistake of a decent long distance time. 
Uh Oh I got moved to long distance and I remember
not wanting to run anymore.

Why I can't tell you.
What I wish now is that I had never quit running.
The farthest I could run today is maybe to the mailbox and back. 
Ok, so my mailbox is about maybe
500 feet from my house. 
I would die!

My daughter is a runner and loves it.
Most days.
My husband is a runner.
He runs those kill your body marathons.
NOT something I ever want to do.
What I want to be able to do is just run for now.
Just be able to say I'm going for a run
and actually be able to do it.
That's my short term goal to just be able to run anywhere.
My long term goal:
Run a 5K with my daughter.

I never make a New Years Resolution
because I will FAIL.
I just know I will.
So instead today April 2nd
(really already)
I am making myself a promise.
By the end of summer I will be able to run.
If I work my butt off enough I may be able to run
that 5K with Carter who knows.
Miracles do happen.

My running inspiration from Pinterest:
                                                                                             Source: funxnd.info via Kristen on Pinterest

                                                                                    Source: solidindecision.tumblr.com via Kristen on Pinterest

Now, I need to go out and buy myself a good
pair of running shoes.
I love the Nike Free Runs like these...
                                                                                             Source: zappos.com via Kristen on Pinterest

So question for all you runners out there,
what is the BEST shoe in your opinion for running?


  1. VIbram ..the funny ones that people will make fun of you for wearing!

  2. I love my sketchers. They are so light weight and comfortable. However, you've seen me after running and I think I would die regardless of the shoe!