May 6, 2012

Imagination Movers Rock-O-Matic Tour

We have been Imagination Mover fans for quite 
a while now. 
We love to jump up
get down and turn around. 

When we were given the opportunity to go to 
a live show, I jumped on it. 
I kept the secret for as long as I could which was about
all of 30 minutes. 

The show was amazing and full of high energy.
The kids had so much fun dancing and moving along
to the fun music. 
As much as I love the Imagination Movers kid music 
they did a few covers for the Moms and Dads in the audience. 

Here are a few pictures of the kids having a blast.

The kids all got some 'Wobble Goggles'

One of the things I loved most about the concert was the Movers themselves.
They were in and out of the audience interacting with the kids and parents.
Since we were up in the balcony I thought we were out of luck 
for a one on one with a Mover.
Just as I notice Rich is up in the balcony and making his way to each 
child up there.

I do unfortunately have one complaint for little Rosie.
She was all excited to see Warehouse Mouse who was not there.

Disclaimer: I am receiving tickets for the show for review purposes courtesy of US Family Guide.

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  1. We got to go to this Saturday's show in NYC! We loved it, especially all the dancing :)