July 6, 2012

Boston Harbor Tall Ships

I love history and I love anything 
having to do with our military.
Yes, I am a Marine Corps spouse but
I grew up an Army brat and I am an Air Force sister.

When I heard about Navy Fleet week going on downtown
I knew I had to go and show my children some history.
There were 'tall ships' everywhere downtown and the kids had
not yet been to the Constitution.

The Ships were in town to celebrate the War of 1812 Bicentennial.  

After parking at the Coast Guard station because Mama is cheap
and the scary walk across the bridge cause Mama is a chicken.
We finally got to the ships! 

Here is an overload of pictures from our day!

On board the Constitution.

 Have I ever mentioned my love of old men?!?

 On board the Dewaruci

Some Coast Guard Members
 Group of old men playing cards!
Love them!

Overall it was a great long hot day!
No one got burnt and we all stayed hydrated!

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