September 17, 2012

Crazy 8's #Birthday fun!?!

In my opinion Rosie has been pretty adorable
since she was born.
She was an easy going baby and toddler.
Her fun years began when she turned 4 and honsetly
haven't ended yet.
I blame the fact that from day one she has been called 
a princess by everyone. 

She is a sweet fun loving dramatic with 
a capital D little girl. 
Last week was her 8th birthday and I don't 
know if I want more dramatics or crazy this year.
Lets just hope for an easy year since this year will 
be anything but easy for her. 
2nd grade has proved to be interesting already
and we are only 2 weeks in. 

For little Rosie's birthday we took her and her 
BFF to Build A Bear workshop
so that they could make matching bunnies
with matching outfits and matching bags. 
You know so she could be like me and my BFF
and all our matching

After grabbing a bite to eat there we came home to eat
some of the cake I made for her.
A 5 layer rainbow colors cake mind you.
Since you know no just a regular sheet cake is good
enough for the 'princess'.

Talk about over the top sweetness in one cake.
Since I am lazy and make boxed cakes this one took...
2 box cake mixes 
3 cans of frosting. 
I honestly think I gained 5 pounds just making it. 

Overall though little Miss Rosie had a successful
birthday and memories to last her a lifetime.
Which is in the end all that really matters.

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