September 25, 2012

Who gets emotional over toys? This girl does!

Being in the military means we move 
Which thankfully means that it is
almost impossible to be a hoarder.
Every 2-3 years like clockwork we get 
those moving orders and then I begin the 
cleaning out process. 

I almost always start with the easy things
clothes, toys, shoes, jackets.
Seasonal and holiday items are almost always next. 
I'll donate, sell or just plain throw away
bags and bags of items. 

Sitting here now beginning the get rid of
process, little Hulk asks to watch
Toy Story 3. 
Sweet deal I think, 
he can watch the movie while I go
 through his 'baby' toys without the
"I want to keep that toy"

As I sit here and sort toys into piles
I overhear on the movie
the part where Andy has to do his own sorting.
College, attic and trash. 

My mom heartstrings pull as I think that not long
from now my oldest Carter will be headed off
on her own and making those decisions for her
own old 'junk'.

So as I sat there looking at toys from my 
very last baby and the last baby toys I will
have in my house again,
I get emotional. 
Since I am a reasonable adult I know
that while we are away the toys do not play.
However, I have many many memories of my kids 
playing with some of these 
'get rid of toys'.

While I may not have a 'Sunnyside' to 
donate my toys to, I know
that someone will get 
great memories of playing with my kids 
outgrown toys just like they did.
And some mother will have those same 
bittersweet memories one day before moving on
to the big kid toys.

Or maybe I am just crazy and overly
Hormonal maybe? 
Either way that last Toy Story movie 
always makes me think about my growing up

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  1. Does this mean you're moving? I cry every time my kids outgrow their clothes and I have to box them up!