January 14, 2013

Happy uh New Year!!

Ok so yeah I know it is January 13th
but I have a valid excuse...
We moved during the Christmas holidays
and I am just getting back into a routine. 

I mean seriously do you know how hard it is to move
in between school breaks with 3 kids in school?
We had a lovely vacation down in Georgia with family
before heading up to our temporary home
in North Carolina.

North Carolina is not temporary but where we live is. 
LONG story but for now we are island living 
by the beach until mid May. 

These last few weeks have been spent getting the kids
into their new routines.
I mean Ninja and Rosie have to be up at 630
and out the door at 7.
Yeah that's super early for kids who were
 getting up at 7 to be at school by 8. 
Carter is in a real middle school now and has more 
time to play with in the mornings. 
And baby  toddler Hulk has officially
potty trained. 
Well at least during the day and nap time. 
And well minus the pooping bit. 
All in good time folks!

I am back in school after my holiday break and J
is off in a school of sorts. 
Luckily with him gone I have the bestie nearby.
And by nearby I now mean like
20 minutes.
It has been almost 6 years since we lived close by one another.
It still feels like a vacation that should end soon.
So yeah that's is for now.

Back to our normal routines.
I promise to be a better Mama Blogger this year. 
Really I do...

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