February 24, 2010

Spring Cleaning in 44 degree weather

So the time has come or is coming soon enough for another military PCS (permanent change of duty station for you non-military) anytime from September to December. But with four kiddos and two of them going to school next year I'm starting early. Plus when it's warm enough I can yard sale it all and then go do something fun with the kiddos. I am thinking a long weekend to Orlando at the Nickelodeon hotel (awesome place) and Sea-world. So I've been going through clothes of the "middle" one that cant pass down clothes and then the "older" ones whose stuff I don't want to hold on to forever. Then toys and baby stuff. I didn't think I'd have baby items ever again after Nealon but here I am again with the ever growing collection of bouncers, swings, bassinets and blankets. So as the year began I made room for Elliot to have his own room since he'll be the one waking up in the middle of the night for a while. Got Nealon moved to a further room from me and the girls set up together. Started moving the crib to the baby room and well that was in January. The crib is still half put together and then other 99% of the room is full of yard sale items. The good thing is Elliot who under normal circumstances would already be in his own bedroom has had an off again on again cold since Christmas so he is getting a pass to stay in our room for a few extra weeks. Or at least until it gets warm enough for Mama to have a yard sale and give him his own room.

However, for the other stuff that I have accumulated since we moved here a year and a half ago most is headed for the trash can. I am the worlds worst about wanting to hold onto memories but there only so many pictures of "mud puddles" I can keep that Madison paints in school or "scribbles" Nealon does when he wants to be like his big sisters and color too. I've learned that instead of keeping all the school-year report cards, the very last one has all the grades on it from the entire year. So I keep that one. I try to keep the important pieces of art made. You know like the clay pots or dishes they make.

Then my best friend is Rubbermaid and the plastic containers that a few weeks back were on sale at Target for only $4.88. Very soon you will hear all about my love for Target. So I've spent the last few days in my house with my sick little girl, sorting, throwing away, packing up and getting ready to yard sale. Oh happy day when Spring shows its beautiful face!

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