February 27, 2010

Weekly Mailbox Freebies

So I have gotten really into getting free things in the mail and my stuff is starting to roll in. Here is what I got this week in my mailbox.

~ 3 Child Safe kits (I thought I ordered 4 so I'll need to order another one)
~Here's where you can get one:

~ A Love Letter Kit

~My UniBall pen which you can also still get

~I won 4 coupons for FREE Krispy Kreme donuts! Courtesy of Dealwise Mommy

~The Hallmark card did not come in the mail but you can go into any Hallmark and get 1 of 9 designs of their new kid designs for FREE!

~And then a few weeks back if you became a fan of Babies-R-Us on Facebook they sent you a $5 e-gift card in your email. So I bought Elliot a sippy cup for when he gets bigger. It was on clearance and I didn't have to pay anything with my e-gift card.

So call me frugal or cheap (as my hubby does) but its all good stuff. More coming!!! Here's a picture of this weeks freebies!!

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