April 12, 2010

Birthday Time!!!

I can not believe that my baby boy Nealon is already 3 years old. It really makes me want to cry. I remember his birth like it was yesterday. They induced me since I was anemic and fell over Madison a few days earlier. I got to the hospital around 730 that morning and got all the fun stuff started. It seemed as if he was never going to come. Joey watch a hockey game in its entirety with 3 overtimes. :) Him and the Corpsman kept talking about the game while I am laying in bed having horrible contractions with no drugs mind you. My brother Chris kept coming by with different Marines he had to drive to the hospital that day. I'm sure he volunteered for that job that day. While I love you Chris for wanting to see Nealon as soon as you could really strange people in my labor room?!?! Men! Just about the time I was ready to finally get some pain relief I sat up in preparation for an epidural and Nealon decided to crown. Of course he wants to come NOW, I'm worn out after 11 hours of pain and sitting in a hospital bed. fast forward 20 minutes and I am holding the most handsome little boy ever, I was in love. He was the biggest baby I had delivered (to date) and the longest labor but none of that mattered once I saw how handsome my son and grandfathers name sake was.

Here he is in his going home outfit that was his Daddy's going home outfit 25 years prior. He was a tad smaller than Joey so it didn't fit him quite so well.

On his first birthday with all his presents.

His second birthday...

And today on his 3rd birthday! The birthday fairy put balloons in his bedroom last night while he was sleeping. (A new tradition at our house) More pictures to come from his party Saturday...

Time flies.... :( Tears

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