April 14, 2010

Semper Fi Kinda Wife

You Know You're A Marine Wife When...

-You can roll his sleeves better than he can.
(So could NOT do this)

-You can have an entire conversation with acronyms

-You can simultaneously be a control freak, change plans on a moment's notice, yet you are not being treated for schizophrenia.

-You know to stay off base between 1130-1400, unless you absolutely can't help it

-You know his "last four" better than your own.
(Wait I have a SSN?)

-You find yourself up at night doing his MCI's because he has to get up early and needs to rest.
(HAHA SO done that)

-You get out your ID at Walmart without thinking about it.

-You can read an LES

-You've said, "Good to go", "Roger that", or "Oorah" without noticing.

-It only costs you $25 to have a child

-You've had a dog named "Sergeant", "Scout", or "Chesty"
(No but if I ever get my English Bulldog I might)

-You've used a crooked-neck flashlight with a red lens during a power outage because it was the only one you can find.

-You think his skivvy shorts are hot.
(till you see an old man marine with his junk hanging out... then they aren't cute anymore...)

-At a distance, you can pick out your husband out of 100 men with the same clothes and haircut.
(for sure but he does have gold wings most don't have)

-You're more "moto" than he is

-You know that "field day" has nothing to do with a field.

-You know the exact day he switches from deserts to woodlands and vice-versa.

-You know the exact measurements of his ribbons and medals on his uniforms.

-You get chills when you hear the Marines Hymn Play.

-You know better than to go to the commissary on or the day after pay day.
(O Good Lord!)

-You know how to cut a "high and tight"

-You know what boot bands are and find them all over the house.

-You can pack his sea bag better than he can.
(Would never pack my hubby's bag to leave me)

-You know what "motomail" is, and it's your lifeline.

-You know to pull your car over and prepare for colors at the end of the day, if you're really moto you get out of the car .
(I stop but have never gotten out)

-The National Anthem and any USMC recruiter commercials make you tear up

-You've ever had to say goodbye with tears

-You can figure out how to buy groceries for 5 on a budget for 2

-You've had all your children at different hospitals
(Valdosta GA, Kansas City MO, Okinawa Japan and Pensacola FL)


  1. YES!!!!! I have seen this post before....and I LOVE IT! It is ALL so true!!!!!!

    I am also a USMC wife:) I would love to follow you...but for some reason, your follow area is not there? I have a USMC blog, it's called, Goodnight moon! I also have a FREE giveaway going on right now. Come by and check it out. Your gonna LOVE it! It is RED HOT!

  2. Yah...I can offically follow you know:)