April 26, 2010

Family Time

So this weekend we had some nice family time. Well, Saturday was a day of inside all day watching movies, playing games and reading only because of the dreadful weather. We finished off the night with some great friends. The adults played a board game while the youngins watched Thumbalina. Sunday was the true fun of the weekend. We were going to watch Disney on Ice and the kids were ready to go at 7 am when they woke up. Too bad our showtime was 2 pm. So we cleaned a little that morning, had lunch then got ready to go. Disney on Ice was great. Again we went with our dear friends the Mathews family, we do a lot with them. Gotta love the bestie and her family of children the same age as my own. Everyone had a blast at the show and it only showed me that we are going to have to be making the dreaded trip to Disney World in the very near future. Here are some of the pictures from the show!

When we first got there and the kids all noticed they were dressed alike, all the girls and boys (even the babies). Madison and Maggie looked like twins from behind.

It was Buzz and Woody! They are a VERY BIG deal in our house right now!!!

My babies at the end of the show! Good time had by all.

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