April 29, 2010

Nice surprise...

Being that I was a military child growing up I didn't have a lot of close cousins that most children have. Plus it didn't help that my parents divorced when I was nine and I was away from one side of my family for years but that's not my point. Anyway, I do have memories of one cousin from waaaayyy back when I was the ripe old age of about 3. His grandmother and mine are sisters so as we all know sisters tend to stick together. I was living with my grandparents at the time. My parents were overseas and I wanted to go home with my grandparents when they came for a visit so they let me. Anyway, so I have some memories of him in that time of my life. Pictures and the stories my grandmother tells me all the time help too. Anyway thanks to the wonderful invention of Facebook we are "friends". Well, I got a message from my "friend" cousin telling me he was in a nearby town, like all of 10 minutes from me. So yesterday he calls me to see if I wanna go with him to take his dad some papers to sign at the shipyard where their pirate ship is. Yes, I said pirate ship, no they're not pirates, more on that another time. So here I go loading up my four youngins to go see this pirate ship thing and my cousin when he calls and wants to know if I have room for one more, another cousin. This one is in the Coast Guard in a city on our way. Sure why not? I haven't seen him since he was maybe 3? So I spent my afternoon yesterday with four kids complaining about being in the backseat swished together, my two cousins, whom I haven't seen in 2 years for one and 22/23 for the other. Needless to say the afternoon was good. Well, minus my son needed to go potty and pulling his pants down to pee and well you know the other at the shipyard! They of course thought this was hilarious while I just wanna kill him.

Here is a picture taken at my 3rd birthday... me being the awesome red head and him in those awesome red shorts and stripped shorts. Gotta love the 80's. Which by the way freaks my oldest child out more than anything, that I was born in the 80's. I tease her by telling her 7 months earlier and she'd have been born in the 90's. :)

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  1. How great!!!! Reunions are great! I love that your son went pee....he is a boy afterall:)