April 22, 2010

Swim Suit WHAT?

Swim suit season already. Wasn't it just swim suit season and I was safe because I was preggers and it didn't matter if my body didn't look up to par. Well, I suppose I have to don a bathing suit again this year since I do live by the beach and my kids see it on a daily basis and have already begun to ask to go. So with that said I was brave and thought I'd just order one over the internet and save myself the bathing suit trying on in store. This way if it doesn't fit I just have to send it back and try again. So what I went for was this super cute little stripped bikini, yes I said bikini and I've had four kids, from Victoria's Secret. I was in there with the bestie last month to buy some super cute 5 for $25 undies and got a Secret Rewards card. Now normally I just trash that stuff since it never does me any good to keep them. Anyway around April 1st I got an email reminding me to check my Secret Rewards card balance (yes I'm that cool that I get emails from VS). To my amazement my rewards card had $50 on it. WHOO HOO! My hubby was all happy thinking I was gonna use it to buy some sweet bedroom stuff for him. HA try again I ordered some shoes and then this cute little bikini. Lets hope it's not that little once it gets here. So here you go the bikini I ordered on another body that makes the bikini look way better than it will on my white pasty skin. Even the spray on tan wont make my body this hot.


  1. I've also had 4 kids myself....and was also preggers last summer. I'm so nervous about getting in a bathing suit this year. We have the beach and the pool here.....I'm thinking I will wear a 1 piece at the pool...and maybe the 2 peice at the beach. Isn't it funny how we can get away with wearing whatever we want when we are preggers...oh, and at the beach too. Everything goes there too!

    I say, you need to model this bathing suit when you get it in, and post pics;)

  2. HAHAHA post pictures of me on the web in a bikini. Not so sure about that one. :)

    I think your baby is only 2 months older then my youngest. He was born on the Marine Corps birthday. Very fitting in our house.

  3. Noooooooo. Make it go away! I will be wearing a tent...TY very much for torturing me with your bad a** swimsuit!