July 7, 2010

Water Babies and Fireworks

Last weekend I went to pick up Madison and Nealon from their visit with Granny and Papa. They learned how to swim very well during their stay there. Madison can swim without swimmies now and Nealon can get all over the pool with his swimmies on. Here are a couple pictures of the kids in the pool.

Also, while in Georgia we went to watch the 4th of July fireworks in Lake Park with Maumau, Ma and Papa Cajun. The fireworks were great. Madison and Elliot loved them. Nealon on the other hand got into his car seat covered his ears with his hands and hid under his blanket and fell asleep. Surprisingly Elliot loved the fireworks. He sat in Maumau's arms and just watched all the lights in the sky. He was probably trying to figure out what Mommy put into his bottle. :)

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