July 7, 2010

Books Books and more Books

So lately I have started reading more. You'd think being almost 28 I'd be reading something important or older literature. Well, you'd be wrong. No thanks maybe one day I'll feel the need to read the "classics" but for now I get my kicks reading about Vampires or Immortals. Seriously like my favorite type books right now. Only thing is most of these books are series, meaning I'm shelling out like 10-12 dollars per book. Which if you think about it gets pretty ridiculously expensive considering I have 4 kiddos. So I looked online for a book exchange or swap. Well the one I found I LOVE! All you have to do is create your account and then add the books, movies, video games and music that you are no longer using and in seconds you have all these options to trade with other people. best thing is you are saving money and the environment. Making your carbon footprint smaller with every exchange. So if you have a serious reading addiction and want to save some money then check it out...


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