July 9, 2010

I cant take this heat...

Puh-lease can someone get me the heck out of this heat. I am not an outdoorsy person and this heat is not helping at all. I cant stand to be sweaty and sticky. I am one of those I'd rather be cold and put on enough clothes to get warm than heat to death. You can never take off enough clothes to cool off unless we have become a nation of nudists and in that case I'm moving to another country since there are a lot of people I do not ever want to see with no clothes on. If I could just get somewhere that the temperature is around 65 all year long well with the exception of the winter when bring it on I want the snow. I love the snow!! I would be a happy woman. But for now I am stuck here in Florida home of the HEAT WAVE and its not getting any better anytime soon. Bring on the fall and hopefully bring it on in an whole other state! PCS orders anytime please!!! Fingers and toes crossed.

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