July 19, 2010

Sister Sister...

Brings you back right? Man did I love TGIF when I was a youngin. HAHA Anyway, so my sister was here for a couple weeks a few weeks ago. She's 13 going on like 25 and I mean that in all sense of the word. Like I had to almost take out a couple Sailors. Kathryn is one of my younger twin sisters. Her twin Jacquelyn backed out on me last minute. It's ok though, one day she'll come stay with me. So yeah trying to keep a teenager busy is hard work. I mean I am mostly happy to just lounge around my house making sure that everything stays clean... who am I kidding, no I'm not but there's nothing to do in Pensacola. Anyway, one day we did manage to attempt the beaches, which were not horrible but still we both have oil stains on our bikini's. We're waiting on those new bikini's BP. But nevertheless I did take her to according to her, her first water park. YAY!!! I love them well mostly I hate some of those super high scary rides. So we had a blast and Elliot had a blast and Joey even had some fun too even though he secretly only wanted to go for the go-carts that we couldn't figure out how to get to. We know now so next time watch out, that's where he'll be. Elliot loved splashing Aunt Katie in the water and well he didn't like it too much when she took him under the waterfall mushroom thing. So yeah all in all it was blast to have her visit me for those two week.s Nothing like remembering that not only am I a Mama to 4 kiddos but I'm still a big sister who can give out that one of a kind sisterly advice a teenager needs. I love you Katie. :)

Katie and Elliot at the beach.

Me and Katie waiting in line for a water slide.

Daddy and Elliot playing in the kiddie area

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