August 23, 2010

Back to School

So today is the day I've been waiting for right? Well, then why did I not want today to begin? Why have I been on the verge of tears all day? It probably has something to do with the fact that both my daughters are in full time school now. I mean I have a fourth grader and a Kindergartner. When did this happen? This morning that's when, you know the day I have been waiting all month for.

I did good though. I didn't cry at the school. I didn't cry on the walk out of the school, although I thought about it. I didn't cry once I got home and only had half my kiddos. I DID cry though once I started going through the picture to put on Facebook and to email grandparents. That was all it took. I saw my babies going into school and sitting down at those big scary desks with all those mean scary teachers and the tears started. Ok, so the desks aren't that big and their teachers are actually very nice but still.

So for your viewing pleasure and some more tears from me I'm sure, my two school aged girls!

Outside of School...

My big Fourth grader

My little Kindergartner... she looks so little here!

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