August 10, 2010

A little bit of this and that...

So Friday night was a test for me. Letting the kiddos stay up past bedtime to see Mackenzie come home. She has been gone for 7 weeks for her summer visitation and then an additional 2 weeks to visit with her grandparents (my MIL and Grandmother). It had been 10 weeks since the kids had all been together and man were they ever ready. I kept telling them, " I don't know why you are SO excited it will only be a day or so before you guys are fighting like you always are". Sibling rivalry gotta love it right? Well, here is the picture I snapped as Mackenzie walked in the door and was bombarded by Madison and Nealon, poor Elliot didn't make it to see sissy when she got home late Friday night.

So, next day after the hype of Sissy coming home was semi-over we went over to the outlet mall to do some back to school shopping with my mom. It was tax-free weekend in Alabama last week. YAY! It was WAY to hot to be out shopping for fall clothes. I mean really who even wants to try on long sleeves when it's 98 degrees out? Oh, how I used to love 98 Degrees, Nick Lachey was and still is so hot! Sorry way off topic. So we sweated out butts off and try to keep from having some serious meltdowns with four kid who were becoming more and more cranky by the second. Overall it was a productive day. Here are a few of the back-to-school outfits. Only 13 more days until school starts back.... Happy Dance! :)

After we left the outlet mall we went to eat at Lambert's. Home of the thrown rolls! I love that place, even if there is always at least a 45 minute wait. It's the only place Joey will wait to eat at. If you've never been to one and live close to one you should go for sure!

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