August 5, 2010

Picnic, a Childhood Idol and Cheetos

I took the kids to the Sunset at Plaza De Luna again tonight. This time however I did actually bring our dinner to eat before we played and got soaked. While we were eating Madison decided that I left some of the crust on her sandwich and preceded to throw it out into the grass close by where we were eating all nice. Bread on ground + birds everywhere = Mommy running for the hills. Leaving the kids sitting there surrounded by birds. I DO NOT do birds. Always disliked them and being attacked by a crow a few years ago just hasn't helped the situation. Didn't get that picture since I of course left the camera on the blanket by the kiddos. Did however manage to get a few of the kiddos actually sitting still long enough to seat a few bites.

So as with all the other Thursday nights out there they had a character walking around giving out high fives to all the kids and just being all great. Well, if you have a boy or well I'm sure girl too around 2 and up then Toy Story is a big deal in your house. Well, Toy Story is a big deal around our house too, like Buzz and Woody took out Spiderman like a champ. I mean we watch Toy Story 1 and 2 on a daily basis. Well, the character tonight was the one and only Buzz Lightyear! You would think my 3 year old would be jumping for joy ready to go nuts at the first site of him. Ummm, nope. He was hiding behind me like a chicken. he kept peeking around my legs to see him but dared him to come any closer. So here is my only shot of Buzz. Well, take that back Madison had no problem going up to him and telling him he lost weight since in the movie he was fatter. :) Gotta love kids right!

So after dinner and Nealon's fear of Buzz once he left for the night the kiddos took off to chase birds, run through water and just plain wear themselves out for me! YAY!!! Elliot was crawling around trying to figure out what this green stuff is his Mommy put him into. Our grass at home is horrible so he doesn't get down in it at all. Although that's gonna be a lot harder to keep him from now. He loved crawling everywhere and stopping and running his hands over the blades of grass. He did stop long enough to eat a few bites of his Chicken Noodle dinner and try a yummy new food. He grabbed a Cheetos from me as I handed one to Nealon. before I could barely blink and take it back he had it in his mouth and well the rest is history. He's a Cheetos loving baby!

Well, hope you enjoyed our night. I know the kids did and I sure am enjoying the peace and quiet that is going on now that they are all asleep without getting up 10 times for a drink, bathroom or whatever excuse they can come up with. Night Night all I'm going to go start another book series!


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