August 27, 2010

Oh Happy Day...

Or at least that's what my kids tell me. 28 years ago today I was born, ok so that is a good thing. But at some point don't women stop aging? HAHA I know normally it's after they are in their at the very least 30's maybe 40's. Well, for me it was 25. For my 25th birthday I was living on an exotic island, ok well Okinawa in Japan but still exotic enough. So I am always going to be 25 and on the beaches of Okinawa in spirit for my birthday. But since you are suppose to have birthday cake on your birthday whether you want it or not here is my wish cake. It's all the cake I need this year. Looks beautiful and I bet it even taste wonderful. Best thing about it is I wont gain 5 pounds eating it.

So Happy Birthday to me and anyone else who may be celebrating this weekend!


  1. Ahh...Happy Birthday!!!!!! That cakes does look amazing!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! 28 looks GREAT ON YOU :)