September 10, 2010


I am so blessed. I know it on a daily basis but I never really say it out loud. I have four healthy babies, a great husband, a wonderful family and some of the best FOR-EVER friends a girl could ask for. I sit here drinking a cup of coffee in a nice house with a nice car in the driveway, some food in my kitchen and some money in the bank accounts. I am blessed! Do I have everything I want? No. But do I have everything I need YES and so much more. I was talking with my husband the other day about all the people that stand on street corners asking for donations and handouts. I have decided that I am going to buy a case of water for my car and make and bring sandwiches with me when I go out to run my errands. If I happen upon a person in need I am going to pay it forward. So for those of you that actually read my ramblings I challenge you to do the same thing. Pay it forward. We all hear that all the time but how many of us actually do that? It can be something as simple as a smile and a kind word, making and handing out sandwiches and bottle of water, mowing your elderly neighbors yard, volunteering at a homeless shelter or food bank. As I sit here and listen to K-Love Radio this morning the song Human by Natalie Grant comes to mind as I type this blog and as I think it the song begins! A sign from God? Maybe... a few lines from that sing.

Every life has choice To rise above To fill the void
Every heart has a mission And we are called to be human
We gotta do better than this

Cause we’ve only got one life to make a difference
We gotta do better than this
Cause we’ve only got on life that we’ve been given
A little love, a little kindness, A little light in this time of darkness
It’ll be what makes us different
I’ll be what makes us human

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