September 20, 2010

New things to come...

So we found out Friday that Joey would be getting promoted sometime in the next year. Super excited for him and the promotion. We went out to a luau on Friday night and he kept getting all these congratulations which to me means that people actually think he deserves the promotion. So with that said and his reenlistment around the corner where we are moving to next has been the topic of conversation around our house on a daily basis. Where we will be going next and when will we actually be moving? I have been moving around since I was born being that I grew up an Army Brat so moving to me is easy peasy and very exciting. What is not exciting is having to wait and wait to figure out where and when we will be moving. I am a planner and need to know how long I have to start cleaning out closets and getting rid of unnecessary items. I need to look into things like the schools my kids will be going to, the college I plan on enrolling in ASAP as I am going back to school and plan on getting my degree ASAP, churches there that we can attend and plenty of other necessary things that our day to day life need you know like Target! :) I gotta have some shopping. I mean by no means am I really a shopaholic but some isn't going to kill a girl is it? But I guess all my worrying and planning is only going to get me so far. God is going to send us wherever he feels we need to be at this time on our life. Everything is already mapped out in our lives and all we have to do is be patient, pray and wait for God to bless us with his love. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and everything that we do is part of our destiny and path of life. I am ready to move on from this place we live now as I have never been fond of the area. Not enough to do unless you are a beach person which I am NOT. I will deeply miss our church that we go to and the people there. Liberty is just a big family it seems like to me and I mean big. There are always things you miss from every duty station but I truly believe that we moved here so that I could find Liberty Church. Ok, so before this turns into a sad sappy post I'll post a new picture of me. I never post of myself but then again I rarely take pictures of myself. And stay tuned for where God and the military send us next.

I was eating pop rocks which really taste nasty now that I'm older! And yes, I know that picture is horrible but if you can't laugh at yourself then who can you laugh at?


  1. You are so brave about moving. I am not sure I would be. IN fact...I am sure I wouldn't be!!

    How exciting!!

  2. Thank you. I am used to it though being a military brat myself and now as a spouse. Its a wonderful adventure!