October 2, 2010

Fall wonderful Fall

Somewhere it is nice and gorgeous and feels like fall. NOT here in Florida though. In the mornings you can get tricked into thinking it might actually be October. Until around 1030 it is nice and cool outside with a nice breeze. Don't get me wrong the temps have been staying down in the low 80's but still it's October! The high Monday is only 76 so it's getting better. Either way hot or cooled off I decided to finally pull out the fall decor and decorate. I am not pulling out and doing the Halloween stuff this year. Ok, so ask me that again in a few weeks and I may have pulled it out. Maybe just maybe! This year I decided to invest in some "fake" pumpkins. The squirrels try too dang hard to eat my pumpkins too soon and this way the decorations will last until Thanksgiving. There is just something about the Earthy tones of Fall decorations that make me want to get a rake and rake leaves. Although if I actually had any to rake I wouldn't want to rake them. :) Acorns... oh I will have plenty of them soon. Maybe I will make a craft with them. So here is my quick and easy Fall decor. Have you decorated yet?

My wreath needed a few more leaves so I added a garland to it.

Do not mind my crazy fingers in the shadow.

Don't you just love my cross? It was a yard sale find for $2

Here it is all together. The shadows were annoying.

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