October 2, 2010

Yard Sales

Oh, how I love yard sales. You can find some really cool things or some really good deals. It's normally one or the other for me. I either get the cool stuff or I get great deals. A few weeks ago I went and found clothes for Madison that hadn't been worn for a quarter! Not that the child needs a lot of clothes but for a quarter who can say no? Not me! I also found and bought her a suede jacket for cooler weather for a DOLLAR! Can you tell I'm still excited about that one? haha So today I went out again in hopes of finding some good deals or cool stuff. I got all this for 8 dollars!

The shirt and shoes are mine. The ties were just too cute not to get for Nealon and one day be handed down to Elliot. The books were 50 cents. Pride and Prejudice for 50 cents, that's a classic for super cheap! And then to adorable memory keeper for Mackenzie was just too cute to pass up. I can't make one for the the low low price of 2 dollars I paid for it.

But can I just say again how much I am in LOVE with the shoes. Like I think I may now love them more than my husband. It's ok I already told him and he's ok with that. LOL I mean just look at them again....

I can totally hear Kelly Pickler singing now all about her Red High Heels...

Oh you can watch me walk if you want to, want to
I’ll bet you want me back now don’t you, don’t you
I’m about to show you just how missin’ me feels
In my red high heels


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    Thanks, Nicole Mariana

  2. Wow! Great deals! LOVE the shoes! And those ties are too cute!