October 3, 2010

Real men wear PINK

October is national breast cancer awareness month which means you will be seeing a lot of pink everywhere. It really just gives me another reason to wear pink. What I love is that the NFL takes this very serious subject and helps to broadcast it to millions of people during football games. Something as simple as wearing pink to remind people of breast cancer. Something anyone can do and I mean anyone. Men, women, children.... Macho football players! I mean come on if these men who are supposed to be the tough of the tough can get out there and play football in pink I think some of these men that wont wear pink could learn a thing or two. I just love to see these grown men running down and tackling the other players and that pink flashing across the screen. And it's not the dull light baby pink, it is hot flamingo pink! I LOVE it! If you want to help support the NFL in it's "A crucial catch" campaign you can go here. Here are some of my favorite items they are selling...


  1. I noticed this the last night when my husband had a football game on. I love it! My grandmother and great grandfather both died of breast cancer so it's an important cause to me (woud be even if I hadn't lost anyone). I love seeing the guys out there in pink! I actually wore one of my breast cancer walk shirts today!

  2. I agree I love seeing the guys wearing pink. My aunt died of breast cancer so like you it is important to me in that sense. I wore my breast cancer necklace today. always get a lot of comments on it.