October 20, 2010

Moving is fun...

Ha, ok well moving is hard and I am not actually do much of the actual moving part. We are very fortunate enough that the military does move us when we get moved with my hubby's job. They will come pack it all into boxes, pack it into the huge moving truck, move it to our new location and then bring the boxes into said new house and put together any furniture they had to take apart. They will unpack too if you want them too but they basically just lay it on the floor of the room the box is in so I do that part. The hard part to me is going through all the stuff you do not want to bring with you to the new place. And let me tell you with this move that is a lot. I have baby stuff to get rid of and furniture that needs replacing. 

I am so excited to get to be able to finally buy some new things for my living room once we move. We have not had an end table for my house since well I don't think me and the hubby have ever had an end table. I love this one. Now to talk the hubby into it. I'll let you know how that goes...

I am so honored to have been contacted by CSN stores to do a review of one of their products. Keep your eyes peeled for what I get for my new house! Oh and on a side note they are a Boston based business. Is it just fate that I am moving to that region in the next few weeks? I think not!


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  2. I like moving a lot, but I just finished one and I'm tired for a while! That is a pretty table!

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