October 20, 2010

Operation Christmas Child

I thought I would share this wonderful opportunity with all of you wonderful bloggy friends. Operation Christmas Child is a wonderful organization that helps to get Christmas present and the message of Jesus to children in parts of the world that do not have a lot. And it is SO easy to get involved. You can get a shoebox fill it with small items such as toys, school supplies, hygiene items and other fun things. There are a few things that can not be sent in the box but for obvious reason like lotions, chocolate, medications, anything breakable. Pack all your little goodies into you shoebox or shoebox sized plastic container from the dollar store with a $7 check or money order and take to a drop off location near you. That easy and you have helped to spread the love of Jesus and bring happiness to a child. 

My MOPS group is doing this as our November project and each table is sending at least 1 box out. I took home an additional box to send out from my children. I think this will be a great way to show and teach them about giving. I try to explain to them often that they are very fortunate children and that there are less fortunate children in the world. They were so excited to do this. I asked them if they wanted to send to a boy or a girl and of course my girls said girl and 'Ninja' said boy. So I may make 2 boxes to send out. 

Please take the time to go by the Operation Christmas Child site and look into this very worthy cause for yourself and if you feel led to pack a box or two please do! Also, if you just do not have the time to actually get a box, pack the box and deliver it to a drop off location you can simply donate online and then you can follow your "box" and see where it goes. How cool is that?!?


  1. Thank you so much for posting this! Would it be okay if I steal it and link back to you?

  2. It would absolutely be ok for you to steal this and repost. :) Thank you!