October 7, 2010

Oh the things I should be doing...

Like laundry I mean it is really starting to pile up. And I never wanted to be one of those moms that had baskets of laundry that needed folding or putting away lying around the house. Then again when I thought that thought, "I'll always put my laundry up" I did not know what God had in store for me with 4 kiddos. I know some women who have more kids and I swear they have it all together so why cant I? Because it seems like every time i start a project like laundry or the time out bench I need to sand and start over something else pops up. This week it has been the dreaded visit from "mother nature". Now don't get me wrong I love her to come by since it means that that surgery I had back in February was not for nothing and those closed, tied and burned tubes are doing what they are supposed to and not giving me anymore blessings to feed. But dang it if when "she" comes I don't get extremely tired and lazy. Oh and don't forget the horrible migraine I had yesterday. Nothing gets done and it all piles up. And as I have a basket of clothes in my room that need putting away, a basket sitting in the living room that need folding and wait the dryer just quit so make that 2 baskets that need folding and then of course put away. I suppose I should get up and just plain old turn off the computer since if I see it looking at me calling my name to come read all the juicy and oh so interesting blogs I can't stop myself. i swear its an out of body experience. :) Or at least that's what I'll tell the hubby when he comes home from work and asks why dinners not done and there are clothes everywhere. haha


  1. I too should be doing other things but instead I am awarding your lovely blog with 3 awards! Check out my site for the info!


  2. Winner!

    Hey there! You won my Peter Rabbit Organics giveaway but I can not find an email for you anywhere :( I really, really, hope that you get this. You have until Midnight Tuesday to email me and claim your prize!

    mommyminded at gmail dot com