December 6, 2010

TMO is coming when?!?!

TMO comes next Monday and Tuesday to pack and load 
all our household goods into boxes and onto a semi. 
That is literally in less than 7 days now! 
When did that happen? 
Do you remember when we found out we were moving?
I do! 
Here is the post on the big announcement move to Massachusetts.
That was back in October and now here I am looking at in less than 10 being all boxed up, put on a truck and temporarily homeless. 
While it is so exciting to be moving and going up to Massachusetts I feel myself getting sad about leaving here.
Not that I am a huge fan of here but there are parts of here that I will miss dearly.

As, I sit here and type this and listen to Christmas music with no tree up due to the move and no Christmas decor anywhere and feeling very not in the Christmas spirit, I have SO much to do.
I still have to:
Do paint retouches from me painting this house and never finishing it.
Go un-enroll my children from school
Go to the hospital and get medical records
The baby has to get a second flu shot Friday as well as the rest of us getting our shot.
Start packing for the month of living out of suitcases. (which I hate)
Sort the items that I am bringing with us and not having packed by TMO.
Finish wrapping Christmas presents.
Load said Christmas presents into the car and keep hidden until we can get them safely to Georgia.
numerous other things I know I am forgetting.

One thing that I know I am
doing is cleaning out the junk drawers and sorting papers. 
Please, just put it in a box and I will do it when we get our new house.

The fun and hard part of this move is not even here yet and I am already done with it. 
If I could just fast forward to the first of January and be in Massachusetts I would.
Yes, I would miss my kids and family on Christmas but all the stress I am feeling right now over this move would be gone. 

Maybe I just need a hot bubble bath to help calm my nerves and wash away the stress.
Oh, yeah that's right...
I don't have time for one!

Happy winter PCS season!

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  1. Hi, I'm a new follower... found you on Military Mondays blog hop!

    I'm a Marine Corps wife... and we're getting ready for another move accross the country. Time is seriously flying for us too!! It seems like we just got orders yesterday. Good luck with your PCS!!

    ~Sabrina from