January 13, 2011

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

So here I am in the wonderfulness that is Massachusetts. 
In my front yard there is this...

So that is also a picture of the new house. 
Yay I killed two birds with one stone or at least saved you all from extra picture overload.

Yesterday we woke up to snow and by snow I mean...
Over 18 inches by the time it was done yesterday evening around 430.
We waited until it slowed down enough for us to enjoy the snow and not get to cold with the snow still coming down hard.
The hubby went out to shovel the walkway up to the house while I got all the kiddos ready to go out to play.
That is a feat in itself. I think I would have rather shoveled snow.
Here are a few of the pictures I took of the kiddos playing in the snow. Only Carter and Rosie have seen snow before and only Carter remembers it. :)

All ready to go out...finally

Daddy playing in the snow or tired form shoveling
Little Hulk standing in the front yard. 
 The girls trying to walk through the yard
 Chasing his brother around
 Little booger was throwing a snow ball at me.

We played outside for about an hour then had to come in to defrost.
Once inside and stripped out of all the layers homemade hot chocolate was requested and oh so good too. 
If only I had marshmallows. They are on my shopping list now.

This morning the kiddos had a 2 hour delay on school so they didn't go in until 10.
Which sure was good since little Hulk was up for 2 hours last night running around playing. 
He took 2 naps yesterday and then about 1am was WIDE awake!

On the agenda for today is trying to get the downstairs of this house in living conditions. 
After I got home from walking the girls to school...
Yes, I said walking and it is freezing out. Like 25 degrees. So Terri if you know where I can get those electric undies let me know. :)
I went to make me some coffee since I'm going to need it. 
When we unpacked that box the other day coffee grounds were everywhere.
I couldn't figure out why until this morning...
The lovely movers packed my coffee pot with a used filter and grounds still in it. 
Now I know that some of that is my fault. I mean I should have checked to make sure I had emptied it but you would really think he would have opened the lid just to double check. 
So here I had over a months old used coffee filter with mildew and all.

Well, I was going to post about our trip up here but that can wait another day. 
I really need to finish these last like 5 boxes and get things in place around here.
My OCD is kicking in plus I really need to get done so that when I sit down to read my Kindle (that my hubby bought me btw) the hubby doesn't give me that look. 
But I really can't help it. 
It's not MY fault....
My bestie set my up with some really addicting books.

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