January 11, 2011

We have...

Boxes and more boxes that is what we have everywhere!
That is a good thing though. 
It means we have our stuff!
And with minimal damage and missing items so far.
They did loose some of the hardware to my bed and one of my bookcases making the bookcase completely useless. And I needed that bookcase it held A LOT!

The girls started school yesterday and Mackenzie LOVES it.
Madison isn't too sure yet, she said there are too many kids. :)
I love that they go to school much later than before. 
I guess with the time change it is really the same but still.
All their teachers are super nice and the people at the school are too.

We are currently expecting our first snow storm to come through tonight. 
Although, they did say we were supposed to get snow this past weekend and we only ended up with flurries.
At least now if we get snowed in we have things to keep us occupied.
They are expecting us to get up to 15 inches of snow!
I do need to get to the commissary to buy some food before that place gets nuts.

I better get up and get busy while the baby boy naps. 
Since once he gets up I have errands to run. 
Maybe I can actually organize the kitchen rather than just put everything up on the counters.

Enjoy your day...

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