January 9, 2011

So we made it...

We made it in on Wednesday evening. We stayed in the hotel until Friday morning then we have been in our new house. So the new house is well... It is big and has a lot of space. What they did was renovate a quadroplex with 2 bedrooms and knocked out rooms to make a duplex that has 4 bedrooms. So the house is newly renovate with a new kitchen and new carpets upstairs. However, the way they knocked out some of the walls makes the downstairs living areas interesting. We are going to be playing tetris with our furinture come tomorrow morning. Can I just say that this has been on of the easiest moves we have ever made. I mean really everything from the drive up minus some of the crazy traffic. We got here and the lodging was super nice, we got our house the day after we moved in and things are looking up regarding finding things in the community. Like we have found an awesome mall that is only 10 minutes away but a Walmart and Target are closer to like 30 minutes away. So we made a switch from Pensacola where it was completely opposite. The girls start school Monday and Ninja is on a waitlist for preschool since he can go and wants to... enter sad face here. At least I still have Hulk for a few more years.

So I better get moving this morning... the kids are hungry and of course we are still living off of fast food. I should be back to regular postings this week.


  1. I am glad yall are enjoying the area. If you wanna buy big ticket items, it's best to venture the 30ish minutes to NH because everything is TAX FREE there. :)

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