January 28, 2011

Playroom Inspiration

I have a problem.
I have this pretty decent sized space that I am going to be using for my kids playroom
only I need help finding the right inspiration. 
Since the area is for boys and girls although mainly 
boys now since my girls are getting bigger
I want something neutral. 
I am thinking more along the lines of 
greens, reds, blues, and yellows. 
You know the primaries. 

Here are some of my inspirations for the hopefully soon to be completed playroom.

And here is the mess we have right now.
Normally it would not be this messy but we did just move. 
So you know how that goes...

Luckily for me there is an IKEA not far from here. 
So getting the right storage and decor items is the easy part. 
It's making up my mind as to how I want it all to look that is the hard part.

Any ideas?
Have any of you recently transformed a playroom?


  1. I love the green and red one! You are blessed to have a play room! :)

  2. SO jealous! We need a play room badly. The house is being overrun with toys at the moment and the kids' rooms are too small for much storage.

    But, whatever you do with boys just be sure EVERYTHING is secured to the walls! lol! I see those big tall cube things and all I can picture is boys deciding its a scaling wall. I'd go for longer, lower shelves so they can get most everything out themselves. The third picture is my favorite with the reds and greens and a bit of blue.

    It's nice to find your blog thru the blog hop!

  3. I'm jealous too! A playroom would be a dream come true. I love the second picture. So cute. I use Pottery Barn Kids a lot for inspiration. Their prices are expensive but, a lot of the things that they have are easy to re-create. I am working on a few projects now. Such cute inspiration!

  4. I really love the green and blue room with the circles on the rugs, but also with the shelves that are in the first picture. Really cute.

  5. just do it, your inspirational ideas are great, i like the 2nd picture its simple but nice...

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