January 20, 2011

Precious Moments Storybook Bible Review

Let me begin by saying that I am a huge fan of anything Precious Moments.
When Rosie was born her room was done int he Precious Moments baby bedding collection.
Her baby book is the 5 year Precious Moments baby book.
So when I saw the opportunity to do a review of the Precious Moments Storybook Bible I jumped on it. 
I just knew that this Bible would be perfect for my little Hulk and I was right.

The Precious Moments Storybook Bible is a bible created for young children. It is broken into four different sections: Favorite Bible Classics, Words of Praise and Wisdom, More Stories of the Faith, and Songs & Prayers. The pictures in the book are just beautiful and fit so perfectly with the stories.
When I am trying to read the bible to my children there are a few things that I like to consider. 
How easy are the stories going to be for my children to understand, how accurate are the stories and how is the book illustrated.
Now, I know that the pictures in a book should not be all that important however when it comes to children being able to fully understand something, sometimes they need a visual.
The stories in this Bible are just perfect for young readers. My children have enjoyed me reading the stories and learning more about God.

Another thing that I love about this Bible is the family history at the front. I love that one day when my children are all grown up they will still have in writing where they came from and who their past relatives were. I hope that one day my little Hulk will pass this Bible on to his child and so on. Bibles like this one are meant to be a family heirloom.

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