January 25, 2011

SmileBooks Review with FREE 8x8 photo book

I was recently given the opportunity to do a review on a photo book from SmileBooks
Now I LOVE to take pictures of my kids. 
I mean really I just updated the pictures from Christmas, the trip here and the snow fun the other day.
How many pictures you ask?
Oh, only 350!

So given the fact that I have over 10,000 pictures from the last 6 years on my computer it is sometimes hard for me to pinpoint the exact memories I want printed out.
That is why I love photo books. I can make an entire book on one occasion or in this case the past year. 

What I love about SmileBooks is that all the hard work of picking the perfect pictures for each page and sorting through the pictures is done for you. They have a wonderful design team that will take all the pictures you upload to them and make your book for you. Now, I know some of you are extra creative and want to do that yourself and you can. I just like the fact that since sometimes I don't have the time to sit down and organize a photo book (which in the past has taken me a couple of hours) that it can be done for me by the design staff at SmileBooks.

Not only do they have a huge variety of photo books sizes and pages they also can make gorgeous photo cards and calendars. I love photo calendars for grandparents. We live far away from family so for them to be able to see the kids everyday is great!

Here are is picture of one of my favorite pages in my book they sent me to review and the cover.

I wish I had taken a picture of the back cover now since it has a picture of my kiddos and the hubby walking away from the fort we visited back in October.

Here is the amazing offer that the great people over at SmileBooks has offered to my readers

A FREE mini 8x8 photo book

Now we all know there is nothing better than preserving our memories but when it is FREE that is even better!

So it's simple EVERYONE wins!
Just go over to SmileBooks.com  to begin your FREE 8x8 book.
Use coupon code: OCBBLOGSC

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  1. Thanks for this! I LOVE making photo books and think this is the new way to display photos (forget printing them out! LOL). Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me! I am now following you, also!