February 18, 2011

Flashback Friday


So I have seen these flashback Fridays for a while now
and while they are all fun to read one of my favorites to read or up until this
week to listen too was Beth over at SweetBef's.

I feel a bloggy connection to her.
Maybe it is her gorgeous red hair or that she is a sweet Southern Belle.
Who knows
either way I love reading her blog.
She has a fun linky up for a Flashback Friday party.

Here is mine... 

I was talking with a friend of mine to other day about 
really wanting to go to the Backstreet Boys/ New Kids on the Block concert 
here in the spring. 
I was like seriously in LOVE with these boys and at totally different times.

When I was about 9 years old I was all about NKOTB.
I mean like I had it all
the posters, their tape (man that ages me) even the sleeping bag...

Here is some of their wonderful music for you check out...

So now on to my crush as a teen...
Backstreet Boys

Now there were a lot of boy bands to choose from during the Backstreet Boys time
but they were one of my favorites.
Come on just look at them...

Just look at all the cuteness.

For real though I loved a lot of their music...

Although if I was being honest I would tell you that my all time favorite boy band 
includes the oh so handsome and sexy Justin Timberlake...
Just look at that curly hair...

So what is your flashback Friday? 
Is it a band, picture of you, television show, toy?
Link up and let us all reminisce a little.
It's fun!
Oh, and if anyone wants to buy me some Backstreet Boys/New Kids tickets
I'll love you forever!

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  1. LOVE this flashback. love some Bye Bye Bye. it's one of my favorite nsync vids.

    thanks for linking up and thanks for the sweet comments. :)