February 25, 2011

Lazy Days are the best

Today is almost the perfect ending to winter break.
It is nasty outside and raining.
So not really perfect but it sums up the week perfectly.

We are having a lazy day. 
My poor baby is sick throwing up and well the other nastiness.
the other three are actually playing nicely with one another.
I know I just jinxed it right? 
Maybe I should knock on some wood or something real quick.

The older three are currently having a picnic in my living room 
watching Alice In Wonderland and eating grilled cheese.

It has been a pretty good day minus the rain and sick baby.
Who finally let me put him down in his bed to take a much needed nap.
He's a Mama's boy normally but once sick he's stuck to me.
Once I got him down for his nap and started picking up a few things
I found these pictures that my little Rosie drew...
She is a budding little artist that girl

In case you have NO idea who they are she drew from 
memory the characters from 
Disney's Phineas and Ferb
who look like this....

I am that mom that keeps way too much of her children's artwork from school.
But let me tell you if this is her work as a 6 year old I might be in trouble one day soon.
Oh yeah she drew these 3 in a matter of 5 minutes.
Can you imagine what she could do if she took 30 minutes?

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