February 26, 2011

What are you WANTING?!?

As I was blog hopping this afternoon 
I came across the above question over at

Now, I thought that's a good question what am I wanting today or in general
right now. 
Let's start out with the just today.
Today I am wanting my boys to all be healthy again.
The other day baby Hulk came down with a stomach bug and now 
all the boys in the house have it. 
Too include the big boy (man) who rarely gets sick.
As much as I have enjoyed cleaning up 
throw up all night last night and 
going Lysol crazy today
I wish they were all healthy and not sick.

In general what I am wanting right now is warmer weather.
Not so much because I am sick of the cold.
I am sick of it but only because I have all these ideas in my head 
that need warm spring days filled with sunshine.

I was blog hoping the other day and came across my newest inspiration.
I know right?
Where have I been.
Umm apparently lost in a sea of boring brown furniture.
Not anymore or at least not once the sunny days of spring begin to appear.

I have a few pieces of furniture that are getting makeovers
come spring. 
Ok, more like I have 8 pieces of furniture that are getting makeovers!

I already have most of the colors picked out too. 
Here is a little color sample just for you...

My hall tree will soon be this gorgeous color...
Remember it currently looks like this...

I have a gorgeous old dresser my grandmother gave me that I am going to paint
a robin egg blue or the Tiffany & Co Blue...
 My daughter bed is going to be painted this shade of lime green...

I have a few other ideas brewing around in my head 
but you will just have to wait and see
the lovely outcome!

Until Spring...

1 comment:

  1. HEY Great List! And I love the painting ideas.....nice colors!

    I too want healthy people in my house.....and winter/snow to be done!