February 15, 2011

Life Lesson...

Always have a camera with you.
Since you never know when an impromptu trip into Boston will occur.
Saturday we got up, lazied around some and then decided to run to the mall.
When we got there that place was mad crazy.
We have been to the mall here on a Saturday before but this was nuts.
Like people waiting 3 cars out to get someone else's parking spot.
We were all turning into parking lot stalkers. 

So we decided to just find another mall 
and we were going to do it semi-old school.
You know before the GPS was in everybody's car.
I say semi because we kept it on we just didn't let it tell us where to go.
It was just showing us the road names and what not.

So down into Boston we went and me without a camera.
Of course my psycho-picture taker Rosie had her camera
but she wasn't sharing with Mommy.
She looks at me dead serious and says use the one on your phone.
Little booger!

So I apologize in advance for the crappy cell pictures 
but there was a few really cool things I 
pictures of.

Oh and quick back story we had just watch the night before 
The Town with Ben Affleck
which was filmed in Boston.
And have I ever told you how HOT I think 
Ben Affleck is?!
I mean seriously...
So anyway needless to say I was extra feeling Boston Saturday afternoon.
Here are some of the crappy HAD to have pictures I snapped.
Where Ben Affleck's charecter in The Town 
worked when he wasn't robbing people.
 Some of the Boston skyline.
 Seriously how COOL would it be to live in a 
house like this?

I was having some serious daydreams about living within walking 
distance of everything and just being a city girl. 
The city I love the traffic not so much!

I told my hubby that we would be taking a Boston movies tour very soon.
I can not wait for it to get warmer out so that we can start seeing more of this awesome place.
I already love Boston and the surrounding areas and I have been cooped up 90% of the time we have been here.

I have a LONG list of things to do...
Come on spring so we can get cracking!


  1. Oh how I love Boston and miss it :(

  2. I love boston too. I grew up about 35 miles south of the city! I miss it.