February 10, 2011

My new obsessions...

FREE art prints...
I love having interchangeable art.
Like this adorable Valentine print from eighteen25
I have it in my living room on my 
entertainment center. 
I LUV it.
The glittery love was bought at Target for a whole dollar.

I have these two little Valentine gems waiting to be framed this morning.
I got them at Sprik Space
She has a whole section of freebie prints.

I mean seriously how cute are these?
Cute enough that I have been out spray painting old frames 
in 20 degree weather.
I just ordered this Keep Calm print for my kitchen 
and now I am almost sure that I could have found it in the blog world somewhere.

Oh and one more thing I am newly obsessed with...
the Kinect for Xbox 360.
Like seriously where has then been all my life?
We got the Dance Central and let me tell you
if I keep this everyday of "playing" up
then I will be in bikini shape by summer.

1 comment:

  1. I'm doing the same thing myself. Although, you are WAY ahead of me on the game. I didn't have enough time to do Valentines day stuff....but that is my goal. To have stuff that I can switch around to spice up a place from time to time.