February 9, 2011

Stories about Jesus book review

 Have I mentioned before how much I enjoy watching my children read or in some of the little ones cases try to read? Well, in case I haven't before then I will now. It is the sweetest thing ever to watch your child who is learning to read just get it. To watch the light come on while the figure out that those letters and sounds make words is incredible.

What is even better is when I go upstairs to check on them while they are reading books before bed and I walk in on my 4 year old who has picked out his book for Mommy to read to him and it is a book about Jesus. 

The other night when putting little Ninja to bed he picked out his nightly bedtime story and comes up to me with his sweet face and says Mommy read me this one. I ask him if he knows what it's about and he says with certainty Jesus.

So we begin reading a few of the stories in the Stories about Jesus book. The book is a nice hard bound book that makes it easy for his little hands to help me turn pages. Plus it means that the baby can't rip the book. The stories are short sweet and to the point which my son really loves. It also means we can read more than just a few since they are quick little 2 page stories.

I love them because while my son thinks he is getting a quick bedtime story he is actually also getting some great Bible stories that appeal to his level. When he has questions we quickly answer them for him and go into as much child oriented details as we can.

With Easter just around the corner if you are looking for a good book for your young children then I would suggest Stories about Jesus.

*I was sent this book by the publisher through BookSneeze for review. I was not asked to write a good review in return. All opinions are my own and honest.*

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