February 7, 2011

Weekend Recap...

How did you spend your weekend?
I spent it trying to do a lot of nothing.
Instead I got a lot of laundry caught up, made a few tie shirts,
hosted a Super Bowl party and had a few play dates.

The poor hubby had to work all weekend so it was 
just me and the kiddos.

Saturday I made these adorable shirts for the boys!
I will be making plenty more of these in the future
since they are SO easy to make.

Sunday we cleaned some, washed A LOT of cloths,
made a lot of food and watched the Packers win the Super Bowl.
Sunday was also the hubby's birthday so I made this
birthday/ Super Bowl cake...

Thankfully we didn't get any of this...

Right now it is currently 42 outside. 
I say that is flip flop weather :)
What if I were in Florida still I'd be wearing flip flops.

Enjoy your Monday!

1 comment:

  1. Rainy here and 51 at present, was 48 this morning when I left for work. :)