February 24, 2011

Winter Break?!?!

It is 28 outside and there is snow everywhere still. 
And not that pretty lets go play in snow. 
No, it is the disgusting stuff that has been
scraped off the roads and packed so much it is basically ice.

This is not lets go outside and play weather.
It is cabin fever weather if you are a kid. 
I have lots of things I could be doing.
I still have some boxes that need to be gone through from past moves,
pictures that need hanging, 
closets to organize you know that kind of stuff.

Am I getting any of that done in this lovely 
( and I really don't mind the cold or the snow I promise)
and why you ask?
Because my kids are home on winter break?
Seriously isn't that what they just had when they were out of school at least
once a week for the past month because of all the said snow?
I mean really as it is they won't be out for summer vacation until June 23rd.

I am a total supporter of spring break when my kids and I
can go outside and play with sidewalk chalk, take walks, go to the park
do springy things but winter break.

It is no fun at all to be outside in freezing temps trying to find something to do.
And bless this wonderful place we live in there is SO much to do
The indoor activities are limited to say the least 
(well the cheap things are) 
and if you do find something indoors that is cheap with 4 kids in tow
then it is packed!

I did manage to get the kids out of the house yesterday to
go to the mall for some yummy Chick-Fil-A 
and some play time at the soft play area.

the kids with their friend enjoying their Icee's
Elliot taking over the slide
See how sweet I can be...

Seriously though winter break is a waste.
Save those days off for when it is nice outside and my kids can be kids outside.
I keep waking up everyday hoping it is Monday already.

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