March 31, 2011

Easter Wreath

While walking around Target last
weekend I found their
way too cute Easter egg wreaths
and fell in love.
Then quickly had to break things off
when I saw how much my love
was going to cost me...

So instead I went and bought

Ok, so I already had the
styrofoam wreath and glue gun
and I bought the eggs and grass at
Walmart instead.

But for a mere
$1.50 for eggs (I bought 2)
and $1.00 for the grass
I made my own
Easter egg wreath that I love
just as equally as the Target version.

I started a nice little pattern with the colors
and hot glued into they were all in place.

I even think of myself more as a crafter
now since I got my very
first hot glue gun burn.
I know I'm lame.

So to fill in all those gaping
holes I took the Easter grass
and dropped some hot glue
into the cracks and shoved the grass
in with a pencil.
It ended up looking like this...
I took some green and blue
polka dotted ribbon
and hung that thing on my door.

Start to finished and hanging on my front door
20 minutes.
I think it turned out cute.
Plus it only cost me $4.00

Love me some Easter and springy things!
Too bad we are supposed to get a
horrible northeastern Friday
with a possible foot of snow.
I sure hope this is an
April Fool's joke.


  1. OMG!!! i was going to do the exact same thing and I've never even seen Targets! I came up with a different idea and will be posting soon. I ran out of something I need for it, though. Hopefully will post it tomorrow. Your's turned out waaaay cute!! And so much cheaper than target's. Following now from a Thursday hop

  2. That is so cute! I bought a hot glue gun with intentions to be is still in the package!

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  4. I really want to make one of those, that can be my weekend project with Emma!


  5. I am your newest follower from the Thrifty Thursday Hop. Hope you will drop by to say hi!


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  7. Very cute! I was JUST trying to figure out what type of wreathe I wanted to make for the front door and was thinking plastic Easter eggs and voila here it is!

  8. OMG! I love it! You're so crafty! I should go get myself a glue gun, but I'd end up like "Blue" and leaving it in the package! lol :)