March 25, 2011

Flashback Fridays

So today I am going to "flashback" 
to all the houses the hubby and I 
have lived in since we got married 8 years ago...

Minus the apartment in Savannah because I don't 
think I have a digital picture
of it and am really too
lazy to go through pictures to scan one.

So here is our house in Kansas City 
where I brought Miss "Rosie" home too.
I LOVED that house and the area.
One day... one day!
Here is the house we had on base in 
Okinawa where I brought my wild Ninja home too.
Had to represent the Marine Corps on the Air Force Base.
and then the apartment we moved into out in town in Okinawa
Top floor was ours
 And this was my view every morning.
Just gorgeous!

Here is our house in Pensacola.
OK so we lived in 3 houses in P'Cola...
On base house first (lived there 7 months)
The house we moved to next (lived there 2 1/2 months)
LOOONG story.
Couldn't find one of the outside even though I know I took one.
Here is the inside once you walked in front door. 
SUCH a great house.

In our rush move to get out of above house
(crazy neighbor... like CRAZY)
We moved in this house closer to the base
where I brought my little Hulk home too...

And now our newest house where I better not 
bring any new babies to.

And to be fair I'll include one of my mother's house
which is where I lived when I gave birth to my 

So that's it...
Don't know why this was a 
flashback Friday idea for me
but it was fun going 
down memory lane...


  1. that's so neat to document all the places you've lived...and what great places they've all been.

  2. I'm giving you the Stylish Blogger award you can check out the post at