March 21, 2011

From Mom and Dad to Husband and Wife

Marriage rule number 1
Be romantic!

(Disclaimer... Family that DOES not want to read about my love life STOP reading now)

Ok, you were warned...

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

One of the best things about being 
married is being able to 
be romantic and have a good time
in the bedroom with your spouse.

I love going into the bedroom after all the 
mommy and daddy stuff is taken care of 
and just becoming
Kristen and Joey.

And since we didn't become 
Mommy and Daddy without first being
Kristen and Joey
its a given we know what we're doing.
Hello 4 kids!

That is where my friends over at EdenFantasys come into play.
 I could make this review rated R but since
I am a family blogger I will keep is PG13.
Although if you click on any of the links please
do so without children in the room.
Their stuff is very ADULT eyes only!

I love how they have everything you could possibly 
ever need or want on their site.
From sexy lingerie to candles to set the mood.

Some of my favorite things are the massage oils.
There is nothing like a nice relaxing massage from my hubby
or on the rare occasion when I give him one 
to lighten our spirits and get things 
headed in the right direction.

If you are looking for something to spice up your
romance department or something a little 
heavier than look no further than 

*Disclaimer... I was sent a gift card for my honest review of

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