March 22, 2011

Mystery Garden

I love flowers.
Like really love having a few rose bushes
in a garden by my house.

My rosebush from Pensacola
that I wish I had dug up and brought with me.
We have a mystery flower
garden at the house we live in now.
One thing about military housing
is that everyone plants 
a garden and then leaves it 
when they move on to the next base.
And then the cycle begins again.
New people into the same house 
who want their own gardens.
So they just plant new stuff.

 Here is our mystery garden
filled with surprise blooms.
Anyone have any ideas as
to what it about to bloom?

I have a whole other not so mystery flower garden 
on the other side of the house. 
It has small shrubs that I am 
going to replace with rose bushes.

I can't wait for it to stay warm long enough for me to
get my hands dirty (I know me)
to dig up and plant some pretty flowers.
Although, depending on what I have in my mystery
garden I may can salvage a few things
for pretty pots that I'm planning on
painting bright colors.

Happy Gardening!


  1. I've always wanted rose bushes. I just haven't ever taken the time to put the effort in at the houses we've had. I seem to have a brown (not green) thumb anyway ;)

  2. That looks like a tulip, should be blooming soon.

  3. We just finished landscaping the backyard. It loos awesome for being a desert backyard! lol Check out my facebook tomorrow when you get a chance, and keep me updated on your gardening! I wanna see pics!!! :)